How To Protect Your Home’s Masonry Chicago, IL in Winter

Quality masonry in Chicago can certainly give you decades of structural protection. However, those difficult Chicago winters can often cause problems for brickwork that is vulnerable and lead to premature deterioration. A chimney is constantly exposed to the weather, so if it’s unstable to begin with, that poses a threat to the home. At Custom Masonry Contractors in Chicago, we’re here to ensure you as a homeowner or business owner, are properly informed about maintaining your fireplace or chimney over the winter. Follow these guidelines to help avoid damage and expensive masonry repair.

An Outdoor Sealer Can Combat Freezing and Thawing Cycles

Brick masonry, although strong, is porous. Your brickwork soaks up moisture just like a sponge, so it expands and contracts as temperatures rise and fall over the winter and spring. As this continues, it destabilizes the brick and mortar creating cracks, loosening bricks, and developing the risk of total collapse. These problems can be avoided by applying a permeable sealer to your masonry in Chicago that’s exposed to extreme outdoor elements. If your property has historical value, you may require more detailed masonry restoration and maintenance. Neglecting it may cost you more with frequent masonry repair in Chicago.

Interior Chimney Protection

With cold air and snow on the outside of your chimney and warm air on the inside, you may be at risk of damage to the flue liner with snowmelt leaking in. This can develop rust cracks and holes in the liner. With that, toxic fumes and heat can have difficulty ventilating out. Water damage may also damage the damper and ceiling or walls around your fireplace. Specialized masonry contractors in Chicago can install a chimney cap to secure the entire chimney line and avoid internal water damage.


Importance of Hiring a Knowledgeable Masonry Repair Chicago, IL Contractor