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Brick Repair & Brickworks Chicago, IL

Brickworks consist of a complete or partial rebuild of walls, which can be determined after a careful examination of the brick wall damage. Replacing all the affected bricks is fundamental in order to prevent the problem from spreading

When dealing with brickworks, we at Custom Brick Repair & Brickworks Chicago are ready to brick repair your structure, as we have the expertise to attend to all your needs. Custom Brick Repair & Brickworks Chicago has a wide variety of services that can be flexible, making sure that we adapt to every customer's special needs, we are committed to complying with any specific time frame based on your requests, as we have efficient and well-trained contractors for your project, and at the same time complying with your budget.

With several years of experience, we are able to cover any brickwork needs that you may have, including brick fences, new homes, and all kinds of renovations. We are more than glad to offer you a competitive quotation, so contact Custom Brickworks & Brick Repair Chicago today.


When Do You Need Brickworks Chicago, IL?


Brick Stains: Do you notice stains on your bricks? The collections of mildew, calcium deposits, mold, mildew, and rust can lead to brick stains on a portion of a brick. This may be caused by exposure to water or efflorescence.

Loose or Deteriorating Bricks: Water damage and constant exposure to water can cause spalling. The bricks will lose or deteriorate over time without constant care and regular maintenance. Brickworks in Chicago are needed to avoid the degradation of bricks.

Freeze-Thaw Damage: This is the result of water freezing and thawing on the surface of your bricks. If you experience a freeze-thaw problem, call Custom Brickworks in Chicago to address your problem immediately.

Cracked Bricks or Cracks in Brick Walls: If the side of your house or building shows any sign of cracking, it could indicate some serious structural movement under or behind the brickwork. This can affect your home’s structure and stability. Contact Custom Brickworks Chicago ASAP.