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Best Choice For Tuckpointing Chicago, IL - Custom Tuckpointing Contractors

When it comes to tuckpointing in Chicago, Custom Tuckpointing is your best choice. Our company has been involved in the tuckpointing field for many years. Our tuckpointing contractors love what we do, and we enjoy working in this field. If you have problems in your old home or with a chimney, more than likely, we have encountered it before. We provide exceptional value, and we deliver the ultimate customer experience to every one of our customers in Chicago.

We use the most appropriate brick and tuckpointing techniques and the highest quality materials in every tuckpointing that we do.Our goal is to bring new life back into an old, dilapidated brick and stonework.

When you choose to work with Custom Tuckpointing, you can have peace of mind that the finished project will exceed your expectations. We complete all of our projects on time, on budget, and with careful attention to detail and safety. Call us today!


FAQ - Ask Tuckpointing Contractors Chicago, IL


What exactly is tuckpointing Chicago?

Tuckpointing is a process for finishing bricks designed to hide unevenly shaped bricks, and was pioneered in the early 1900’s.

Can any structure be tuckpointed?

Tuckpointing in Chicago can be done on any structure, new or old. Even if the building has been painted, it can still be tuckpointed.

How frequently should tuckpointing Chicago be done?

Every twenty five to thirty years, the weather of Chicago warrants getting your tuckpointing repaired. With the lake effect rain and intense snow of winter, moisture can seep in and deteriorate the mortar. Vigilance is key.

What are some tuckpointing warning signs?

Cracking or crumbling around bricks or blocks is a definite red flag. If you see any holes in the mortar or loose chunks, it is time to call Custom Tuckpointing Contractors for tuckpointing in Chicago.

Should tuckpointing Chicago be attempted by just anyone?

No. Only a master mason with the right training can do it effectively. The professional tuckpointing contractors in Chicago at Custom Tuckpointing Contractors have been tuckpointing successfully for many years.

Benefits of Tuckpointing Chicago, IL

Tuckpointing in Chicago offers wonderful benefits for your structure, as follows:

  • Prevents mortar joints from corrosions
  • Cost-efficient method over a complete tear-down and rebuild
  • Restores the structural stability of your chimney 
  • Prevents water penetration in your chimney system 
  • Restores the beautiful and strong condition of your masonry
  • Improves the value of your property 

Failing to address urgent masonry damages can lead to a total collapse of your structure. For example, ignored tuckpointing and  mortar joints can get worse and allow water to seep into your chimney, flue lining, or both, and cause more damage with the existence of moisture. This can lead to mold, mildew, or rotting wood. 

Otherwise, calling your trusted tuckpointing contractors in Chicago can help you spot the issues off the bat, perform a solution, and keep your masonry strong and stable for years to come. For jobs like this, trust only experts in the field. Consult Custom Tuckpointing Contractors in Chicago today!


Tuckpointing Chicago, IL - What Goes Into The Cost?


Location Of The Tuckpointing Job

Different areas have different rates. People who live near urban areas with a higher cost of living tend to pay more. In addition, there is a difference in getting the service done in different seasons. For example, it is harder for a tuckpointing contractor in Chicago to work in extreme weather conditions. 

Size Of The Tuckpointing Job

The extent of the job will contribute to the cost of tuckpointing in Chicago. The more area we need to tuckpoint, the more you have to pay for. Tuckpointing hard-to-reach places like chimneys are also more expensive because it requires more work and materials.

Tuckpointing Repair Work Needed

Sometimes, your tuckpointing contractor in Chicago will see more damage that requires attention and repair during the tuckpointing process. Keep in mind that decorative tuckpointing is not just an aesthetic measure. If you need more mortar repair, it will cost more. But remember, having actual repair to the existing mortar can save you more instead of replacing it entirely. Custom Tuckpointing Contractors will be happy to answer all of your questions and help you with your tuckpointing in Chicago.