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Chimney Repair Chicago, IL

If you need chimney repair, chimney tuckpointing, and chimney rebuild in Chicago, turn to Custom Chimney Repair. Our technicians have many years of combined experience and handled numerous chimney problems in Chicago. If there is a problem in your chimney, more than likely, our technicians have encountered it before.

We pride ourselves with repairing, tuckpointing, and restoring the integrity and aesthetic value of your chimney. Our technicians offer regular inspections. We provide a careful assessment of the chimney from top to bottom and give you a precise diagnosis and estimate. During the inspection, our technicians will determine your chimney's condition and offer solutions for chimney repair, chimney tuckpointing. If chimney repair is no longer an option, you have to consider a chimney rebuild. 

Custom Chimney Repair in Chicago offers the best and long-lasting solution and takes every step necessary to understand your needs and budget. After the job completion, we will ensure that our customer is satisfied with our work.


What is the Best Season to Handle Masonry on Your Chimney Repair in Chicago, IL?


Winters can have a devastating effect on a chimney, especially during a season with wild temperature fluctuations. The constant mix of rain, cold snaps, snow, ice, thawing, and freezing can wreak havoc on your masonry in Chicago. And since chimneys and fireplaces are used most over the winter, damage can build up considerably without your even noticing. So even if you had chimney tuckpointing in Chicago after last winter, you may have new issues to deal with after the next one.
With that in mind, the best time for your chimney repair in Chicago would be just before or right after winter. That will help to stay on top of issues with your chimney tuckpointing during extreme temperature swings. Speak to the professionals at Custom Chimney Repair in Chicago to schedule the best time for your masonry and chimney repair.

How To Know If You Need Chimney Rebuild Chicago, IL?

Everything done with masonry Chicago needs to be checked annually.  For chimneys, it is usually done when the season is sunny, the fireplace's season of inactivity. Doing so makes you see if rebuilding your chimney is necessary!

Upon inspection, if you ever found these three signs, avail of chimney rebuild services, offered by numerous masonry contractors, including us, Custom Chimney Rebuild Chicago!

White Staining On Bricks
A telltale sign for excessive moisture in the masonry, or also called efflorescence. If it isn't addressed, Chimney's premature deterioration and other moisture-related issues will arise.

Injured Crown
What shields the rest of the artwork from the elements and prevents deterioration is the crown. Moisture could seep in and cause wider cracks if the crown is damaged.

Spalling is identified by the presence of masonry fragments towards the structure's bottom. Have a chimney rebuild Chicago to avoid the Chimney's continuing weakening and eventual demolition.