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Masonry Restoration & Masonry Repair Chicago, IL - Trust Custom Masonry Contractors


Custom Masonry in Chicago is the leading masonry contractor that provides quality work safely and on time. No matter what type of structure you have - from residential, commercial properties to schools, Custom Masonry can ensure our stability and integrity for decades to come. We have established an impeccable reputation for going above and beyond our work to provide the highest quality craftsmanship for masonry restoration or masonry repair to our clients.

Our masonry contractors believe that the key to success is to ensure clients’ satisfaction from the start-up to the end of the project. Thus, we are committed to providing high-quality masonry services at reasonable prices. We understand building codes, and all of our masonry projects have established protocols that meet or exceed the industry’s standards. To know more about our services, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to assist you with all of your inquiries regarding our masonry services in Chicago.

Why You Should Hire Pro For Masonry Repair Chicago, IL

Self-Protection Against Injuries
When doing masonry repair, the bricks and stones that have been tampered with using tools are very hazardous. That is why reaching out to masonry contractors Chicago offering professional masonry repair service guarantees that you and your family will be safe.

Improved Longevity of Structures Designed With Masonry
Another advantage is the assurance that your home will remain safe and secure in the long run, rather than doing simple repairs yourself. Professionals know how it should be done appropriately, thus extending the life of your property.

Increased Resale Value
Everyone who looks at your house can tell when the stone and brick are in good structural and cosmetic condition, thus resulting in an increased appraisal value. That is one of the benefits of trusting a professional masonry repair service offered by masonry contractors, just like us, Custom Masonry Repair Chicago


5 Steps of Masonry Repair Chicago, il


1. Remove the old and damaged bricks.
Masonry repair contractors use a hammer and chisel or a power tool to remove the damaged or old bricks by pieces.

2. Remove the old mortar.
The replacement bricks need fresh mortar to adhere to the structure; thus, using the same tools used in removing the damaged bricks, Custom Masonry Repair Chicago will remove the old mortar taking care not to damage any bricks in the area, leaving a thin layer in the empty spaces.

3. Mix the New Mortar
Custom Masonry Repair Chicago mixes a mortar that matches exactly or is similar to the ones used before.

4. Set in the New Bricks
Spray the bricks with a hose to allow the new mortar to adhere to the brick more effectively. Fill the joints with mortar using a trowel.

5. Keep Everything Damp
Keep the area damp for the next three days by spraying it daily. Call Custom Masonry Repair for professional masonry repair in Chicago.