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Masonry Restoration Chicago, IL - Choose Custom Masonry Restoration

At Custom Masonry Restoration, our masonry contractors in Chicago have been the best source for all masonry restoration on Chicago structures for many years, and our clients trust us with all of their masonry needs. 

We attack any problem with skill and determination, and get the job done right the first time while keeping an eye on your budget, so you get the best work and never overpay. We have a wide range of services we offer to make your masonry in Chicago look as fresh as the day it was set, and we will put in a tireless effort to ensure it not only looks good, but is also perfectly safe. 

We will always give our clients our best effort and guarantee that we will handle every detail of their masonry restoration. Our highly-trained contractors want your building to be in as good of shape as you do.


Frequently Asked Questions - Masonry Restoration Chicago, IL


Why Masonry Restoration Chicago?

When you make repairs, restore, or replace parts of an existing building without adding a new structure to it, you have performed masonry restoration. Masonry restoration services can help to reinforce old Chicago houses at a fraction of the cost.

How do I know If I need Masonry Restoration Chicago?

If there are any defected masonry units or a "bowing" in your wall, that is an indicator that you might need masonry restoration in Chicago. These are minor indications so contact Custom Masonry Restoration for a thorough Inspection.

How do you find the matching bricks for masonry restoration Chicago?

We do our best to find the best possible match for your building. While some bricks are no longer in production, we find the best alternative to give you that new masonry restoration look without compromising your design.

How Can I Get Masonry Restoration Chicago Service?

Getting masonry restoration done to your building is easy. Give us a call or fill out our online form, and an estimate will be done. We’ll then discuss the work and provide you with suggestions. Once agreed upon, a contract will be drafted and a schedule made for your masonry restoration Chicago job.

Will You Clean Up After The Masonry Restoration Is Complete?

We at Custom Masonry Restoration in Chicago know that this work can be messy. As such, our contractors utilize the best masonry restoration techniques to eliminate waste while they work. Additionally, we clean up at the end of every workday. 

Do I Need To Be Home While Masonry Restoration Chicago Is Being Done?

You do not need to be home while we work, but we prefer to have your input before, during, and after the job is complete. We want to ensure that you’re satisfied with our masonry restoration service completely.

The Benefits of Choosing Custom Masonry Restoration Chicago, IL

Masters of Masonry in Chicago 

We hire the most qualified masonry contractors in Chicago based on their skills and work ethic then train them thoroughly to align their performance with our standard of quality. With expert contractors working for you, any task can be achieved in the most flawless manner possible.

Affordable Rates of Masonry Services

Our company can restore the glorious state of your masonry in Chicago at fair prices. From rare stones to brick-based structures, we can give your property a lavish rework minus the hefty costs.

Extensive Masonry Services in Chicago

Our contractors are trained to work on different materials involving masonry restoration in Chicago. We offer extensive services that give you the best guarantee for your brick structure in all aspects possible. We aim for masonry balance and beauty in Chicago for your satisfaction. Call us for a consultation!




If you have an old building that was constructed using brick, granite, or stone masonry, it will tend to deteriorate when the buildings get old. This is where masonry restoration comes in to revitalize the said buildings. The most basic masonry restoration level in Chicago brings an existing structure or building back to its original state.

Now, maintenance, restoration, preservation, and retrofit of existing structures require a comprehensive project team approach. Our masonry contractors in Chicago have the knowledge and skills to perform the repairs needed for your masonry. However, it is dependent upon proper material selection and the quality of work that contractors provide. Existing and historic masonry buildings represent a cross-section of construction technology. Custom Masonry & Tuckpointing Chicago is the company that you can count on when it comes to your masonry repair needs in the area. Don't hesitate to give us a call for your masonry needs.

How To Know If You Need Masonry Restoration Chicago, IL

Masonry restoration Chicago is typically a more involved project than masonry repair. Damaged masonry may only make up a small fraction of a building's masonry, and a repair job will only address that piece. The rehabilitation of a masonry structure usually entails the whole building.

While frequent repairs and care can help to extend the life of any stonework, there will come a moment when this will no longer be practicable. Masonry Chicago must be restored at some point in order to improve the aesthetic of a structure and ensure that it remains structurally sound, like old buildings.

The removal of old, worn-out materials is the first stage in masonry restoration Chicago. The original materials are then replaced with brand-new materials that are identical to the originals. If your structure was built with red bricks, masonry repair experts will replace them with red bricks that seem identical to the originals.


How Masonry Restoration Chicago, IL Works


Masonry restoration in Chicago is not an easy project and must only be done by professional masonry restoration contractors. Those with the rightful skills, experience, and world-class materials are the most trusted masonry restoration companies in Chicago.

The masonry restoration contractors’ job starts with a careful assessment of the property to know what color, texture, and shape they will use to match the existing wall perfectly. This is usually why masonry contractors need more time to complete a masonry restoration project.

Once the assessment is done, the masonry restoration contractors will take out the damaged and worn-out bricks to make sure that they will no longer affect the entire wall. Then, they will apply a perfectly blended mortar before sealing the new surface.

Hiring professional masonry restoration companies in Chicago will surely benefit you in the long run

CUSTOM Masonry & Tuckpointing is Chicago’s most trusted name in masonry repair and restoration of existing buildings with top quality tuckpointing, brickwork, stonework, and other masonry services.


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